Federal contracting can be complex and for many a mystery. Our consulting firm is committed to your success. Our team of experts are capable of guiding and advising you throughout the process to ensure compliance with Federal regulations and statutes.


From leads generation to contract administration we employ a team-based methodology to design an approach that is specific to your objectives.

Pre-Contract Award

The pre-award phase include several important steps such as leads generation, making the right contacts and increasing awareness of your business and expertise.  This phase must be properly managed to deliver your expected outcome. Our team will consult  with you early in the process to match objectives to a solid  business development strategy.

Contract Award

For many contracts the award begins with the contracting officer providing a notice of intent. An understanding of terms and conditions and proper negotiations will determine if the intent is converted into an actual contract being awarded. Our experts will impart their expertise in negotiations tactics that result in the win-win.


Post-Contract Administration

Being awarded a contract is not the final step.  Representations, certifications and attestations are often required throughout the contract term.  Having the proper system in place to address these as well as contract modifications is essential.  There's no need to reinvent here - we can advise you or perform some of these functions on your behalf.


Security requirements in Federal contracting are unlike those in the private sector.  We can assist with comparing both sets and helping to identify gaps.  We can also assist with compliance with FISMA.  Helping to decipher NIST and ultimately obtain that Authority to Operate (ATO).  Federal security rules are subject to change and breaches require special reporting.  Our team of advisors are here to provide clarity and direction.


Leads, leads, leads.  Knowing which Requests for Proposals (RFP) or Requests for Information (RFI) are anticipated and being on the right leads distribution lists is necessary to win Federal contracts.  We can assist with managing those registrations and ensuring they remain up to date.  Additionally, we can provide annual forecasts for your business planning.  Our team can become an extension of your annual budgeting process.